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Support truly local farmers & artisans at the LFA Farmers Market

*This video discusses our first location which we opened in downtown Mason, MI.
Are you a local farmer or artisan? Learn more about how we can help you sell your goods.

Local first

Before the big players (i.e. Amazon and other “big box” stores) came into the picture, it didn’t take a conscious effort to support local over corporate; it was basically all we had. Fast-forward to today, small business, especially local farmers and artisans, are finding it more challenging than ever to stay competitive and remain afloat. Local businesses need our help. When we choose local, we are directly impacting the lives of real people; people who are our neighbors, coworkers, fellow church members and so on. This is where the LFA Farmers Market comes in.

Each LFA Farmers Market (sometimes abbreviated as “LFAFM”) carries a continually growing selection of LOCAL items produced by small, primarily family-owned, businesses. Purchasing from any of our markets directly impacts individuals and families; not large corporations. It is our mission at LFA to promote the hard-work of local farmers/artisans, provide a safe/sustainable year-round outlet for small producers to sell their goods and infuse the community with a truer sense of buying local (so money stays local). We hope you can visit us sometime!

Need some LOCAL goodies? We've got 'em!

Hover over the images below to see just some of the wonderful, local items we carry in-store.

Sustainably-Raised Meats

Cage-Free & Free-Range Eggs

Fresh Seasonal Produce

Specialty Foods

Maple Syrup

All-Natural Health & Beauty

Bread & Cheese

Raw Honey

U.P. Pasties

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We take local seriously...

What "Big Box" stores consider local*



What we consider local



We are truly dedicated to "hyper-local" products and supporting farmers and artisans from our local community. Over 75% of all items we sell are grown/produced within 15 miles of our locations.

*"According to the definition adopted by the U.S. Congress in the 2008 Food, Conservation, and Energy Act, the total distance that a product can be transported and still be considered a “locally or regionally produced agricultural food product” is less than 400 miles from its origin, or within the State in which it is produced." - Cecile Camerlynck, "3 Ways to Define Local Food", October 17, 2016,

customer reviews

Jessica R.
Jessica R.
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Love this place! So many businesses and farms represented in a round the clock fashion. I love the idea of buying local and supporting our communities and this does just that. Thankful to know there’s a place out there loving my communities.
Bonnie D.
Bonnie D.
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So many items to choose from. Sweet treats, veggies, eggs, meat, and gift items. What a great place to hang out!
Rita S.
Rita S.
Read More
Love this market! I always find something unique. Just bought some Ginger/Turmeric Granola ....this stuff is so good! Bought some natural deodorant too. Love to support the local farmers and artists!

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