Become a vendor

Do you create or grow something you’d like to sell? Maybe you’re a small-scale farmer that grows various produce, a baker that bakes sweet treats or an artisan that crafts something hand-made. No matter what you create or how long you’ve been in been in operation, we’re here to help you grow your business.

The goal of our farmers markets is to put local farmers and artisans like you on a pedestal; to promote your hard-work and infuse the community with a truer sense of buying local. We operate differently than a traditional farmers markets in many ways to make things easier on you and our customers. Coming from farmers markets and consignment partnerships ourselves, we understand the frustrations than inevitably arise. That said, we go to great lengths to make working together as easy, fun and profitable as possible.

We operate solely under a consignment model without any upfront fees. Vendors do not pay one penny unless something sells; no rent & no hassle. We also do not make any money unless something sells. We believe this collaborative effort helps keep everyone engaged to provide the best products and experience to the local community as possible.

How we differ

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